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White Silvertex sofa curve Vela Vondom set with coffee table. UniDecoShop


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White Silvertex sofa curve Vela Vondom set with coffee table
The Vela half-circle sofa offers optimal comfort and high-end aesthetics!
The Vela half-circle sofa, designed by Ramon Esteve, is distinguished by its modular design and elegance. This sofa with pure and balanced shapes brings a contemporary aesthetic to your interior as well as to your exterior. Its padded seat allows you to spend pleasant moments of relaxation. The high-end quality of materials offers this amazing half-circle sofa, comfort, longevity and great resistance qualities, to humidity and climatic variations. This Vela collection edited by Vondom symbolizes elegance and luxury by excellence!
Thanks to its modular design, the Vela range allows you to create sofas according to your desires and needs. You can make them evolve over time and add more modules, such as the left module, the right module, the circular module, the Middle module, the XL central module, the corner sofa and the central deck. All these elements combine to allow you to create a custom sofa.
The proposed set consists of a half-circle sofa (4 circular modules) and a coffee table. To adapt the configuration to your needs, or for another one of the 14 colors.
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