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Pot planter design Pezzettina Vondom bright led white 50x50xH85. UniDecoShop


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Pot planter design Pezzettina Vondom bright led white 50x50xH85
A set of design and original pots signed Vondom!
The Pezzettina collection is a collection inspired by nature derived from a unique thought and source of inspiration that materialise in an original product with fluid and expressive forms. This novelty of Archirivolto diffuses a creative concept away from the usual geometry that reinvents the relationship with nature in order to build a new balance in your homes.
The Vondom brand offers you to discover the elegance and modernity of its set of Pezzettina pots. Their organic curves give a style and a design ambiance to your garden and allow you to dress your plants in a avant-garde and singular structure.
Simplicity and originality: opt for the set of Pezzettina pots from the Vondom brand.
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