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White Silvertex sofa curve Vela Vondom set with coffee table. UniDecoShop

White Silvertex sofa curve Vela Vondom set with coffee table

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Low table Vondom design Vela round white. UniDecoShop

Low table Vondom design Vela round white A coffee table Vel

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Pack of 3 pots planter FAZ Vondom white XL. UniDecoShop

Pack of 3 pots planter FAZ Vondom white XL The FAZ garden p

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Pot planter design Pezzettina Vondom bright led white 50x50xH85. UniDecoShop

Pot planter design Pezzettina Vondom bright led white 50x50x

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Vondom Delta sofa white 3 seater Vondom Delta sofa anthracite 3 seater
Vondom Delta sofa white 3 seater
Sofa Vondom Delta sofa white 3 seats. Create a tai…
Vondom Delta sofa anthracite 3 seater
Sofa Vondom Delta sofa anthracite 3 places. Create…
Vondom Delta sofa bronze 3 seater
Sofa Vondom Delta sofa bronze 3 seats. Create a ta…
Sofa Vondom Frame mole with cushions
Sofa Vondom Frame mole with cushions. Have the Fra…
Vondom Steel Frame Sofa with Cushions
Sofa Vondom Steel Frame with cushions. Have the Fr…
Sofa Vondom Delta sofa taupe 2 places
Sofa Vondom Delta sofa taupe 2 places. Create a ta…
Vondom Delta sofa black 2 seats
Sofa Vondom Delta sofa black 2 places. Create a ta…
Vondom Delta sofa white 2 seats
Sofa Vondom Delta sofa white 2 places. Create a ta…
Garden sofa Vondom Solid sofa bronze
Garden sofa Vondom Solid sofa bronze. Vondom's Sol…
Garden sofa Vondom Solid black sofa
Garden sofa Vondom Solid black sofa. Vondom's Soli…


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About > The beautiful story… Univeco lifestyle

 Join us on the web shop licensed brands Univeco lifestyle: Univeco.com

A world leader in high quality products.
It is in the early 2000s, the network Univeco has seen the day. Present around the world, in Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East, it is from the Cantons of Vaud and Valais in Switzerland, near Lausanne, that the Univeco lifestyle brand designs, selects and develops its collections.
The objective is to bring together the know-how and expertise of the founders around a simple vision: create products that are useful and of high quality, innovative and comfortable, while being environmentally responsible.
In addition to experience in the fields of expertise, design and new technologies, we have always been fascinated by furniture design and attracted by renewable energy. While responding to solutions and different design, our products all share this same philosophy of quality, respect for nature, our values, and our ideas to the to the service from the comfort of the habitat.

It is therefore this alliance of the art of living in the habitat, the electronic expertise, and the respect of the world that surrounds us that we created the Universal & Co signature which became subsequently the brand Univeco lifestyle.
More that a brand name, Univeco is an innovative concept which based its reputation on a knowledge make unique in creation, combining technological excellence and the awakening of the emotions.

A wide selective choice for the home, garden and well-being

With VerySmartShop.com shop, we offer all the essentials of design furniture, appliances, electronics and communication, but also World Outdoor products. Our ranges with their varied designs and prices, but also their unique collections in the world, makes an attractive Univeco lifestyle brand, affordable and attractive to a wide audience and exclusive for those who want more.
The model is based on lifestyle Univeco meet known or recognized talent, talent, youth trademarks and brands confirmed their community.
We are always looking for contemporary products, attractive and interesting to a wide audience, while ensuring that we pay special attention to the quality and price.
With the same ambition, and all those who love decoration, design and beautiful things, we propose a new way to buy the best products, the best prices. Renew its decoration, fall for a product signed a designer, an original gift, or simply to pleasure Univeco lifestyle is a source of inspiration to the latest trends.

mission and values Univeco lifestyle

Make the design more accessible and beautify the life of every day, that’s why our teams get up in the morning. They are looking for the most creative brands, the most original and even exclusive creations to offer you the best in designer decor.
And on our side, there are also designers, manufacturers, carriers, which are indispensable relay our promise.

The Univeco network’s mission is to be the Ambassador of the Western art of living in what he’s most comfortable, useful and refined. Univeco lifestyle wants to symbolize elegance and creativity. We want to bring the dream in life by our products and culture they represent, combining tradition and modernity.
Within this framework, five requirements constitute the fundamental values shared by all actors to Univeco lifestyle. These values and all the aspects that they cover have been the subject of a broad reflection through the marks of the network:
– Be creative and innovative
– Pursue excellence in products
– Passionately to preserve the image of our brands
– Have the entrepreneurial spirit
– Be animated by the desire to be the best and to improve continuously

Univeco lifestyle, a unique portfolio of prestigious brands

Since its creation Univeco lifestyle has always made ​​every effort to provide its customers with unforgettable experiences, products of very high quality and resellers more advanced.
Univeco offers the largest selection of equipment in the home, garden and well-being. With his experience, Univeco lifestyle expanding its range and provides innovative solutions for comfort with habitat for the interior, designer furniture, home automation systems, and outside of griddles, grills, equipment and well -be new generation.
Univeco always offers its own collections and a large selection of brands: Discover the shop of licensed brands Univeco lifestyle: Univeco.com
Univeco lifestyle went from being a creator, that of a global brand that combine technological excellence from design to emotional appeal most mesmerizing.

Univeco lifestyle, strong and visionary brand

Brand leader in the market for electronic ethanol fireplaces and designer furniture, Univeco lifestyle was a natural choice as the benchmark for comfort.
Whatever the season, they offer all the solutions to benefit from an atmosphere and an ideal indoor climate essential to the vitality and well-being of your family.
The Univeco network, there are several complementary brands answering solutions, designs and different needs, but all sharing the same philosophy of quality, respect for nature and the health, well-being and comfort that no other brand can match.

Univeco lifestyle is a story of invention

Always in search for suitable, sustainable and high quality solutions, we design high-quality products designed to be both beautiful and functional, to meet a certain idea of ​​comfort and design, design to live.
What distinguishes us is that we bring as much attention to the ease of use of our equipment as performance techniques. Its functions should be evident in themselves. Adjustments should be arranged logically to be understood and handled on the first take in hand.
This leads to invention and new technology. We promise that we will continue to stop at nothing to surprise you, to impress you, to continue to provide you with experiences that inspire you.

Univeco lifestyle, is the art of living with the best possible comfort, technological innovation and the requirement of knowledge expertise Switzerland.

Your team Univeco lifestyle

Univeco Switzerland is a brand specialized in Design and Technology facilities of the Home, Garden and Wellbeing. Leader in high quality products.

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